What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the best form of money discovered. It is independent of governments and central banks. It is global, doesn't require trust, and is easy to transfer across borders quickly. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin. With the discovery of absolute digital scarcity, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a perfected form of money that protects against inflation and is designed to increase in value over time.
"It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on." - Satoshi Nakamoto, 2009. For more, read our blog post: What is bitcoin?

What is satsback?

Satsback is an evolution of cashback and loyalty rewards. It is the reward you earn by using Satsback.com when you shop online at any of our connected stores. The satsback reward is a % of what you spend that you get back in bitcoin - the best savings technology out there.

What are Satoshi/sats?

Just like one Euro can be divided into 100 Euro Cents, one bitcoin can be divided into 100,000,000 smaller units. These smallest units of bitcoin are called satoshis, also known as sats. Because the rate of one bitcoin is high and will likely keep increasing, using sats makes smaller transactions easier. The unit was named in honor of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

How does Satsback.com work?

We work with online stores that pay us a commission whenever you shop with them. We convert that to bitcoin and share most of it with you. Because we also make a small profit every time you buy something, we can keep our platform free to use while respecting your privacy.

How to shop with satsback?

Once you have signed up, go to the Stores section and find the online store where you would like to shop. Then, visit the store using the green 'Shop now' button and shop as you usually do. Complete your purchase, and we'll automatically add satsback to your account. You may also download our browser extension that will alert you to activate satsback rewards when visiting participating online stores. As long as you don't return or cancel your order, you will be able to withdraw the sats to your mobile wallet. It's the easiest and safest way to start saving in bitcoin.

How long do I have to wait to receive my satsback?

You should see your transaction in the history tab of your account within 48 hours after you've paid for your order. Its status will be pending until the seller approves it. Transactions typically get approved within 90 days. It depends on the store you are shopping in. The seller needs time to verify your order and ensure that it has not been returned. Once approved, your sats will transfer to your available balance, which you can payout to your wallet. Remember that you have 180 days to withdraw your sats to any Lightning-enabled wallet from the moment they become available to payout and become visible in your "Available balance". There is no minimum amount of sats that you need to earn before withdrawing.

If your satsback has not been confirmed after 90 days, please contact support. This does not apply to booking platforms as they confirm a few months after your stay.

How to ensure that my transactions get registered?

  1. Make sure you start your shopping on our website and visit the stores by clicking on the green 'Shop now' button on the stores' details page. If you are using our browser extension, click 'Activate satsback' as soon as it appears.

  2. Disable third-party extensions and Ad-blockers. When using Brave browser ensure to activate 'Shields are DOWN'.

  3. Accept marketing cookies and analytics on the store you are shopping in.

  4. Complete your purchase in one browser window and single session.

  5. Do not use discount codes that you have not received from us.

  6. When possible, shop on a desktop computer. Mobile tracking is not always reliable with some of our participating stores.

  7. Clearing cookies on your browser before shopping helps with the correct registration of your purchases.

My transaction did not get registered; what should I do?

It is possible that despite taking the recommended steps above, your transaction still does not get registered. We rely on our partners to let us know that your purchase was complete. Most of our partners ask us to wait for at least 48 business hours after buying before contacting them for more information. If your satsback still isn't visible after that time, contact support via support [at] satsback.com or @SatsbackBot on Telegram. Claims can be filed up to 21 days after placing your order.

Do I need a wallet before I can use Satsback.com?

You can start shopping and earning satsback before installing a wallet. However, we recommend that you withdraw your available rewards as soon as they are available. By using the Lightning Network, we empower you to hold the keys to your savings no matter how small the amount.

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a secure second layer protocol built on the Bitcoin network that enables almost free and instant micropayments.

How do I withdraw the sats I’ve earned?

You will need to install a mobile bitcoin lightning wallet (with LNURL support) to withdraw your bitcoin from Satsback.com. We recommend Wallet of Satoshi or Breez, as simple wallets to get you started. Once installed:
  • Open the installed app and create a new Lightning wallet.
  • Save your wallet backup.
  • Go to the Payout tab in your Satsback.com account and click on the green Payout button.
  • Return to your mobile wallet, click on Scan or Receive.
  • Scan the QR code that appears on the Payout page.
  • Note: You can only payout sats in your available balance.

Can I withdraw my sats to a hardware wallet or on-chain bitcoin address?

No, we only support withdrawals using the Lightning Network. However, if you would like to send your bitcoin from Lightning to an on-chain Bitcoin address, the Breez wallet has a "Send to BTC Address" option. You can also use a swapping service like FixedFloat or use Muun wallet to send your sats to an on-chain address.

Can I get satsback on recurring or existing subscriptions?

No, merchants only reward based on the initial order amount.

Do I need to shop with the same email address I use on Satsback.com?

No, you can use a different email addresses while shopping. These are not linked.

How do I reach customer service?

You can find us on Telegram @Satsback or reach out via email support [at] satsback.com.

What can I do when my wallet can't scan the QR code?

First you can try lowering the brightness of your screen. If that doesn't help you can always copy the QR/Payout link to your wallet.

What is Automatic Payouts with The Lightning Address?

Like an email address, but for your bitcoin! A simpler way for us to send you bitcoin instantly on the Lightning Network. Learn more on lightningaddress.com.

Do you store or know the personal information of my order?

No and no. The merchants don't share your personal data with us.

What does "Satsback with this merchant is currently experimental" mean?

We currently offer some Satsback services on an experimental basis. For those specific merchants you see the message "Disclaimer: Satsback with this merchant is currently experimental." on the store page.

These stores are being offered on a trial basis, and as a result, our support team cannot file claims and/or resolve disputes.

We encourage you to check back with us in the future as we may have updated information and support available for these stores.

What are Bitcoin Essentials?

It is a category of curated merchants selling products and services that are essential on any bitcoiners journey and who prefer to get paid in bitcoin. Most of them will include a discount code that you can redeem on the partner's website. You will not be rewarded with satsback on these purchases nor will they be visible in your transaction history. In some cases, the discount codes will only work when paying in bitcoin.

How do I withdraw the sats I’ve earned?

Remember that you have 60 days to withdraw your sats to any Lightning-enabled wallet from the moment they become available to payout and become visible in your "Available balance". Once they expire, you will no longer be able to withdraw them, so we advise you to do so as soon as they become available. Add a Lightning address to your account to enable automatic payouts so you do not have to remember.

My payout has status 'Attempting Payment'. What can I do?

When you see this message our node is trying to pay the invoice for your payout. There are cases possible due to routing issues for example where we cannot pay to your node or wallet. In that case you need to wait till the invoice has expired and you can try again with a different wallet.