September 14, 2023

Earning Bitcoin Rewards on Mobile: Kiwi Browser's Chrome Extensions Make Satsback Easy on Android

Earning Bitcoin Rewards on Mobile: Kiwi Browser's Chrome Extensions Make Satsback Easy on Android

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The mobile browsing experience has just been upgraded by the Kiwi browser's unique capability to support Chrome Extensions on Android devices. This blog dives into how to take advantage of this feature, to make sure you never miss a free satoshi when shopping on your mobile.

The Kiwi Browser x Chrome Extensions on Mobile

Originating as a project to make mobile browsing faster and more user-centric, the Kiwi browser stands out in the crowded arena of mobile browsers. Its unique feature? The ability to natively support Chrome Extensions.

Extensions enhance the browsing experience by adding functionality and customization options. While desktop users have enjoyed this for years, mobile users can now experience the same benefits. For instance, the extension, normally enjoyed on desktops, can now reward mobile users on-the-go with sweet satsback rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing the Extension on Kiwi Browser - only available on Android for now

a. Downloading and Setting up the Kiwi Browser on Android
- Head over to the Google Play Store and search for "Kiwi Browser" or visit
- Download, install, and open the browser. Initial setup is intuitive, and offers customization options right from the start.

b. Open and login to your account

c. Installing the Extension
- Goto the Browser Extension or find it in the Google Web Store.
- Click on "Add to Chrome," and follow the installation prompts.
- Click "Synchronize account information" and voila!

A popup will show every time satsback is available. You're now set to earn satsback directly on your mobile!

Satsback Extension on Kiwi Browser

Tips for a Smooth Experience with on Kiwi

- Always ensure the extension is optimized for mobile view.
- If facing any issues, clear the browser cache or restart the browser. Most issues are resolved this way.
- Install mobile app versions of your favorite merchant like or; You will be redirected to the mobile app after clicking "Activate ... satsback" for most merchants.

Stay Humble and Stack Sats

Leverage the power and flexibility of the Kiwi browser along with the extension to redefine your mobile browsing on Android. Dive into the seamless Satsback experience and get rewarded in sats every time you engage with a partnered merchant!

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