December 09, 2021

Switch and save on your 2022 health insurance

The Dutch healthcare costs for 2022 are now all known! Can you improve by switching between providers? We will show you an overview and give you the opportunity to earn bitcoin when you switch.
Switch and save on your 2022 health insurance

Hello Humble Stackers! Welcome to our blog, we post company updates and selected Bitcoin stories here. Maybe even some new deals and special offers too!

Stacking sats switching health insurance provider in The Netherlands

Check if you can lower your health insurance cost or improve the service of your insurance. We have most of the insurance companies connected to our platform, love to help you make the best decision and let you stack some sats on top of that when switching providers.

Visit the pages of the connected providers and platforms to get more details and the expected amount of satsback.

Health insurance providers 2022

Get 5% discount on the base insurance of UnitedConsumers by VGZ.
Jaaah by ONVZ is a new, low-cost health insurer.
Compare all health insurance policies in the Netherlands.
Compare and get up to 5% discount on your application.
Switch and receive a free Oral-B electric toothbrush.

Find more health insurance providers

And there's more!

Visit the "Shops & satsback" page, search for "Zorgverzekering" and find more than 25 health insurance providers and platforms.

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