May 16, 2022

Welcome Spain, Italy and Norway

Welcome Spain, Italy and Norway

Hello Humble Stackers! Welcome to our blog, we post company updates and selected Bitcoin stories here. Maybe even some new deals and special offers too!

The price of bitcoin on exchanges might be down in the short term, but the number of people who can save in bitcoin when shopping online has just gone up. We are excited to announce that we have just connected over 2,800 online stores in Italy, Spain, and Norway! More than 100 million people living in those countries can now earn precious sats while spending their depreciating Euros and Kroners on things they need.

We believe that Bitcoin is an incredible tool for economic empowerment and that it has never been more important to understand and own some. As passionate Bitcoiners, we made it our mission to get bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible by providing the easiest way to start saving in it. We started in The Netherlands and Poland but always aimed to expand to new markets quickly.

Currently, many online stores listed on are available to users globally. Still, most of the over 10,000 merchants are targeting specific markets: the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and Belgium. By adding Italy, Spain, and Norway, we now cover six of the largest eCommerce markets in Europe.

As the average official inflation rate approaches 10% in the Euro area, every day, more individuals are waking up to bitcoin as a tool to escape financial repression. While events that have little to do with Bitcoin, like the collapse of a fragile "algo stablecoin", let everyone stack more cheap sats, (perhaps more importantly) they help people understand the fundamental difference between Bitcoin and practically every other project in the broader "crypto" space.

Only bitcoin represents digital scarcity and, as a result, is an excellent tool for saving. Only Bitcoin brings hope for a better future for billions of people worldwide, and we feel blessed to be doing our part to bring this vision to life.

Onward and upward.

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